I have been living in Belgrave for about fifteen years and am always amazed at the things I find, out and about, in the hills. Every time I talk to someone, I discover an artist, crafter or musician lurking within.


Or someone who is passionate about the environment, food or fashion and can lead me to some magical place I’d never visited before. And there’s a great sense of community unlike anywhere else I’ve ever lived before.


Inspired by a zine I bought at Melbourne’s craft fair about the crafting community, I decided to make my own maga’zine’ about our thriving local community. And so the hillscene was born. I hope you enjoy it.

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A maga’zine’ about all the interesting people and things happening in the beautiful Dandenong Ranges, south east of Melbourne. With creative design and interesting articles it’s a rockin' read.
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In 2019 thanks to a grant from Yarra Ranges council the hillscene extended it's guest editor and designer program. Providing an opportunity to designers and editors to be part of our team. We had a series of guest editors and designers for each issue last year. Go to our blog to find out a little bit more about them.

our Summer guest editor & designer issue is live

In 2018, the hillscene introduced it's guest editor and designer program. For each issue last year and this year, there will be a different guest editor & designer.


Our Summer issue was edited by Lisa Ford and designed by Tanya DeSilva-McKa. They have collaborated on this issue to put together a striking Summer read. You can read all about them on our blog. 

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2019 was another exciting year for the hillscene





at Karwarra Botanical Garden 
1190 - 1192 Mount Dandenong Tourist Rd, Kalorama VIC 3766

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hillsceneLIVE is supported by Burrinja.

hillsceneLIVE Festival!


hillsceneLIVE is an arts festival supporting emerging and experimental artists.

As a festival, we are dedicated to supporting artists who take juicy risks, ask big questions, and make bold statements with their work. We traditionally support live art and performance, which covers Theatre, Dance, Sound Art, Cabaret, Spoken Word, Live Art and especially those works that don't fit easily into these categories!

hillsceneLIVE is the only program of its kind in the Dandenong Ranges, which fringes onto regional Victoria. It is the only program that brings together artists of diverse practices, in a supportive and developmental capacity. Through the program dozens of artists have been supported to create new work, ask new questions (of themselves and the world), and forge partnerships with other artists, makers and the community.

Not one to stagnate, hillsceneLIVE aimed its sights even higher in 2016. We felt it was time to really solidify what we learned through infancy and the rite-of-passage teenage years, and emerge as an adult with the conviction, intention and tenacity to make a difference! 2016's festival comprised a full series of Artist professional development, workshops and forums throughout the year, and a big three day festival in October 2016.

This mission continued in 2017 when hillsceneLIVE worked tirelessly to create dynamic, responsive and relevant programming through their annual program of performances, workshops and artist-led initiatives

Find out more and stay up to date at hillsceneLIVE.com or on facebook
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5 cents

hillsceneblog launch
hillsceneblog launch

UFO band
UFO band

Dandenong Ranges Ukelele festival

5 cents
5 cents



the hillscene blog brings you reviews and news from the local area that we can’t get into the quarterly publication.


With the help of the great editorial team from Burrinja – Toni Main, Bluzal Field and Ross Farnell - plus our other contributors we’re making the blog into a forum that will be more than just one person’s vision.


Bringing you more of what you’ve come to love about the hillscene and about our beautiful local scene.